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Building a Case for the Earlier Use of GLP-1 RAs for T2D Treatment– October 14, 2021


Thursday, October 14, 2021 at 12:15pm ET - 1:15pm ET
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This broadcast will feature a multidisciplinary faculty panel that will discuss the clinical and practical application of a once-daily GLP-1 RA. The program will explore the role of native GLP-1 in T2D pathophysiology. The program will also delve into the MOA of a once-daily GLP-1 RA. The panel will evaluate efficacy and safety data from head-to-head clinical trials. Through case-based discussions, they will explore initiating GLP-1 RA therapy early in the T2D treatment journey when metformin is no longer enough for glycemic control, patient communication, and the ways to coordinate optimal treatment from the perspective of a healthcare team, including endocrinologists, primary care clinicians, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists.

There are 6 available Web Broadcast program times:

12:15 PM Eastern, Central, and Pacific Time Zones
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7:30 PM Central Time Zone

You may participate in whichever broadcast session is most convenient for you.

This program is sponsored by Novo Nordisk. This is a promotional education presentation; it will not be certified for continuing education credit.