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The Florida Nurse Practitioner Network - FNPN is a network of Nurse Practitioners across all specialties and settings in this wonderful state that has the second highest population of NPs in the United States. We were founded in 2002 through a vision and passion of mine to unite all the smaller “dinner and education” groups throughout the state in order to organize ourselves into something of substance so that we can support each other in affecting real change in our profession. All in all, our mission is to promote our profession in such a manner and environment that allows us to provide the very best health care possible that the citizens of this state so deserve.

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If you are an Autonomous APRN and will be...

Posted by Vicky Stone-Gale

FNPN cares about you. Please look out for those...

Posted by Deborah Tedesco

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Ocala, FL · Position at SIMEDHealth

SIMEDHealth is currently recruiting for the following APRN Position: Outpatient Ocala Our Interventional...

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