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FNPN is a network of Nurse Practitioners across all specialties and settings in this wonderful state that has the second highest population of NPs in the United States. We were founded in 2002 through a vision and passion of mine to unite all the smaller “dinner and education” groups throughout the state in order to organize ourselves into something of substance so that we can support each other in affecting real change in our profession. All in all, our mission is to promote our profession in such a manner and environment that allows us to provide the very best health care possible that the citizens of this state so deserve.

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FNPN has developed an APRN Medical Malpractice...

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FNPN Vice President Vicky Stone- Gale, DNP,...

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FNPN is seeking committee members. Standing and...

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House clears the way HB607

The House HHS Committee passed 15-0, HB 7053 Direct Care Workers after a strike all amendment was added by Rep Pigman relating to independent NP practice. HB 607 is now in a better form that is amended the other bill and will now be the companion bill to SB1676! 

FNPN and coalition members were joined by first timers to Tally, Miami members, Mark Fonseca, Ana Harwood and James Celestin. We also welcomed Martine Senatus and 5 other colleagues from the Palm Beach Black NP group who were first timers to advocate with us at the Capitol! Thanks for coming to the call! 

Write your Senators now to please support SB 1676 along with the new companion bill HB 7053 Direct Care Workers that includes the preferred language from HB 607 for Independent NP and PA Practice.