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Miami-Dade NP Council Bus Information

Posted over 9 years ago by Regina Pommer

Event: “Rally on Tally” for Advanced Practice Nurses
Date: 23 and 24 March 2010


The motor coach will leave from Barry University at the 115th Street entrance of the campus at 0800 on 03/23/2010.
  • Secure and patrolled parking will be available adjacent to the departure site. Travelers should be present at 0730 to facilitate finding convenient parking, boarding the deluxe motor coach and storage of luggage. We anticipate a prompt departure at 0800, to meet the travel schedule and pick up from the Broward County pick-up site at 0830.


We will leave Tallahassee on 03/24/2010 at 1600 and anticipate arrival at Barry University at 2400.
  • Security will be on-site when we return to assure your personal safety as we leave the campus at midnight.


RSVP: Reservations and information on the website: http://npmiami.org


Transportation: Deluxe Motor Coach by Miami Nice Enterprises:

Transportation and Hotel reservations are available on a first- come and first- reserved basis, with paid transportation deposit paid on the NP Council website at http://npmiami.org

  • Cost: $40 per person Payable by check or credit card on NP Council website by Pay Pal - On or before 03/21/2010

  • Cost: $60 per person Payable by cash or check on departure from Barry University (only seats as available)


Hotel Reservations:

Travelers must make individual reservations for each traveler by contacting the Super 8 Motel in Tallahassee. We have reserved a block of 20 rooms for one night only (03/23/2010) at the following rates:

  • Single or double occupancy = $49.20 per room, plus applicable taxes

  • Three or four adults = $54.00 per room, plus applicable taxes

Each traveler (or group if more than one person will staying in the same room) must call the hotel to make reservations and place a deposit, using a personal credit card. Please state clearly that you are booking a room from the reserved block of rooms for the NP Council of Miami-Dade, to receive the special pricing listed above. All reservations must be made on or before 48 hours (03/12/2010) in advance of the date of arrival (03/23/2010). Any unbooked rooms will be released after that 48 hour advance booking release period, and rooms then will then be available at the customary motel rate, not at the discounted price.



Super 8 Tallahassee

2801 North Monroe Street

Tallahassee, FL 32303

PH 850-386-8286

FAX 850-422-1074

E-Mail: GMSuper8TLH@aol.com

Once reservations for the motor coach and hotel are completed each traveler should register with the Florida Nurse Practitioner Network to be eligible for the CE program, sponsored lunch in Tallahassee on 03/24/2010 by accessing the website Online Registration Form. Please indicate in the appropriate space that you are associated with the NP Council of Miami-Dade, and that you will be traveling with our group to Tallahassee.

The Florida Nurse Practitioner Network (FNPN), is sponsoring transportation from the West Palm Beach area. Information can be found on their website as listed above. Please contact them on the website, if you are interested in traveling to Tallahassee with them.

The NP Council of Miami-Dade is very grateful to the Florida Nurses Association (FNA) for providing a packet of legislative information and tools for each traveler as you board the motor coach.


See you all in Tallahassee.


Daniel Little, President and on behalf of the Executive Committee of the NP Council of Miami-Dade