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Update on Rally IN Tally

Posted about 9 years ago by Regina Pommer

Dear Rally Members:

The Day Nears! Rally in Tally March 24th!

The House legislator calendar for next week was announced today and all Representatives are IN session from 11-2:30 PM on March 24. Therefore, Rep Zapata our bill sponsor will not be able to attend our Rally at 12:30. Perhaps Representative Zapata will be able to meet with us at some point during our visit, but know that when making your appointments you can ask to speak to the Representatives Health Aid and still deliver your message. If you are driving in, plan to make earlier appointments with your Representatives if you can.

Great news from our lobbyist is that Senator Bennett is still planning to address the Rally! I have not heard if the Senators are in special meetings at this time, so call and make those appointments to! T'is Politics and the calendars will change so quickly!

We ask you to go to the FNPN website (www.fnpn.org) HOME page and tell us about your legislators appointments that you have made - give us the time and legislators name. It’s a quick questionnaire on survey monkey so we can gather the info easily!

During this week, think how difficult your job has been with the unnecessary restrictions and barriers you encountered yet not experienced by NPs in other states. Parity must be ours!