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Legislative Issue: Help Needed NOW!

Posted about 7 years ago by Regina Pommer

Dear Colleagues, 

Dwight Dudley, House District 68, Florida is looking for anecdotal information regarding services provided to Medicaid recipients.  More specifically, cases where access to care is limited or difficult to access.  The "State" is listing   services provided to Medicaid recipients to show how well we are doing.  However, the sense is that while these services may be offered, frequently clients cannot access them or there are significant obstacles to access to care. 

If you feel this is appropriate, could you please forward this request to the nursing colleagues in your groups requesting them to send any anecdotes or information they may have.  There is some urgency to this request as he needs this information no later than January 13. 

Thank you for your prompt reply and help with this. 

Responses can be e-mailed to: Hon. Dwight Dudley at

Bonnie Sklaren MSN,ARNP