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AMA Resolutions against NPs and DNP June 2008

Posted over 10 years ago by Christopher Saslo

ANA, AACN, ACCP have all responded to AMA opposition to nursing. Read about these 3 resolutions.

Resolution 303

  Protection of the Titles "Doctor" titles seeking to limit the use of the terms "doctor", "resident", and "residency program" to physicians, dentists, and podiatrists (resolution language attached) that was introduced by the Illinois delegation to the HOD.


Resolution 214

 Doctor of Nursing Practice, calls for adopting a policy that nurses prepared in Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program must only be able to practice under the supervision of a physician.


Resolution 13

Physician Employment by a Physician Extender-seeking possible limits on PAs' and NPs' abilities to own clinics and hire supervising physicians.