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NPM Legislation: All tobacco manufacturers don't pay tax! This will make them!

Posted over 9 years ago by Regina Pommer

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With the state legislative session fully underway in Tallahassee, we have been closely following Senate Bill 2344. We urge our members and all representatives from Florida’s health care community to support Senate Bill 2344 - Non-Participating Manufacturers (NPM) legislation on cigarettes. Filed by Senator Thad Altman (R-Melbourne), this legislation will bring critical dollars to Florida’s health care system.

In 1997, several tobacco manufacturers were part of the Florida Tobacco Settlement and as part of that, pay towards the state’s health care costs. However, the cigarette manufacturers that were not part of the Settlement have been able to avoid paying into our healthcare system. For more than a decade, these smaller manufacturers have seen their market share grow rapidly while they have not contributed important dollars to the health care costs of Florida’s residents.

If this legislation is passed, it will make all tobacco companies in Florida, large and small, pay towards Florida’s health care programs. Senate Bill 2344 will generate $200 million in funding for the state.

As a result of our state’s massive budget deficit, many cuts are being proposed to Florida’s health care programs. These cuts are not necessary when $200 million can be generated if the legislature passes Senate Bill 2344.

Please visit http://floridaneedsyou.com – just a few clicks and you’ll be able to send a letter to your state legislator to tell them of the importance in passing this bill.