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January- February 2013 FNPN Newsletter Bullets

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Good Morning!

We would like to bring you up to date on what’s new in your own backyard of Florida. In this newsletter you will find the following:

  • From the Board of Directors
  • FNPN New Board Member
  • Florida Health Care Affordability Summit
  • Education Updates
  • Membership Update 
  • Job Announcement
  • FNPN PAC Update
  • From AANP 
  • News You Can Use

Quote of the Month:

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
― Maya Angelou

From the Board of Directors

As the upcoming year brings time for renewal, we hope you will consider your pledge to not only the FNPN, but your local organizations as well. This commitment needed is not only financial, but of a promise to remain engaged, whether by keeping abreast with the changes on the legislative front, or finding opportunities for education in your own back yard and around the state and nation. We ask all members to consider ‘bringing a friend’ to the registration table and helping to build our organizations to where they should be. With the numbers of Advanced Practice Nurses nearing 15,000 in Florida, we should have a strength that can overcome any push from our medical community. We MUST stand up and learn to feel empowered to push back, but do so with professionalism, wisdom and conviction. We hope you will let us nurture that side of you if you need it and engage those around you to do the same. Please be sure to contact us should you have questions about legislation, membership, education and more. Our Executive Assistant, Regina, is always available either by phone, computer and even skype!

FNPN New Board Member

We would like to thank Pamela Johnson for accepting the position of membership chair. Pamela was ap-pointed by the board of directors according to FNPN bylaws.

Pamela was introduced to nursing as a career in 1978, in one of the first pilot programs designed to certify nursing assistants trained through vocational education in Broward County, Florida. Licensure as a Practical Nurse afforded opportunity to obtain credentials as an Associate and Baccalaureate prepared Registered Nurse prior to becoming an Advance Registered Nurse Practitioner in 2004. Individual biological psychological & social needs of individuals are priorities in practice.

She was inducted in to the Florida Nurses Association in 1990; Appointed Vice Chair, then Chair of the By-Laws Committee 2001 – 2004; Remained committed to maximizing the Profession of Advanced Practice Nursing.

Her goals for the FNPN include: 1) Optimizing roles and functions of NPs as Professional Partners in Practice and, 2) Through professional alliances maximize use of Nurse Practitioners as Primary Care Providers in Florida.

Florida Health Care Affordability Summit

Doreen Cassarino MSN, ARNP, FNP-BC, BC-ADM

On January 10th and 11th, several members of the Florida Nurse Practitioner Network board represented Florida's nurse practitioners at the Florida Health Care Affordability Summit hosted by Foundation of Associated Industries of Florida (AIF). Several panelists discussed the current state of healthcare in Florida and options to improve access to cost effective, quality care. AIF is known as "The Voice of Florida Business" in the state of Florida and is an association of diversified businesses created to foster an economic climate in Florida conducive to the growth, development, and welfare of industry and business and the people of the state. It represents the principles of prosperity and free enterprise before the state government.

AIF has recognized that healthcare is a major financial burden to businesses and that the future of Florida's economy and well-being depends on thoughtful policy reform to provide affordable, accessible, and quality health care to Floridians. The panel moderators were chairs of the various health care committees from the Senate and the House of Representatives and there were several other legislators in the audience.

Chris Saslo, FNPN past president, participated as a panelist on the Increasing Health Care Access, Choice & Competition throughout Florida, moderated by Senator Denise Grimsley - Chair, Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Health & Human Services. He was able to highlight that nurse practitioners are the solution to Florida's healthcare crisis if practice barriers are removed. Thank you Chris for doing a fine job representing nurse practitioners during this important summit.

FNPN, along with the Florida Association of Nurse Anesthetics and the Florida Nurses Association, participated in a booth in the exhibit hall representing Florida's Premier Nursing Organizations. We were able to make several critical contacts during the summit and we are hopeful and encouraged that our strategy to engage private sector non-healthcare businesses in our efforts to improve access to high quality, cost effective care by modernizing outdated scope of practice restrictions will be successful.

Education Updates:

Feb 23 Treating Women in Menopause with Bio-identical Hormones
  • Saturday, February 23 2013 at 8:00am ET in Estero, FL
Mar 02 NRCME Commercial Driver Medical Examiner Training
  • Saturday, March 02 2013 at 7:00am ET
Mar 17 National Primary Care Conference with Workshops
  • Sunday, March 17 2013 at 8:00am ET in New Orleans, LA
Apr 19 The Medical Entrepreneur Symposium
  • Friday, April 19 2013 at 12:00pm ET in Delray Beach, FL


May 17 FNPN 10th Annual NP Clinical Conference
  • Friday, May 17 2013 at 7:30am ET in Lake Buena Vista, FL

Please check for important educational opportunities posted on our website at

Job Announcements!

There have been many new job postings around the state on our web site at for those of you that may have an interest. On our new website, the most recent postings are on the front page. A new feature will allow postings to be visible for 90 days. Please feel free to pass this along to your colleagues who may be interested in it as well, or who may have an interest in finding out more about our network. For those of you that have found jobs on our website, please be sure to let us know!

Do you know an employer who might find the FNPN Job posting a worthwhile site? If so, please be sure to tell them about the website and the fact that on average 20 or more jobs are posted each month. The traffic to our website is incredible and we have more and more folks seeking employment through this site than ever before. Let them know you saw it on the FNPN Website!

Membership Update

Pamela V Johnson - Membership Chair

The Florida Nurse Practitioner Network (FNPN) is a non-profit organization created in 2003 to foster advanced education relating to clinical and legislative enhancement of Nurse Practitioners practicing throughout Florida. Ten years ago, our founders envisioned an organization that would provide opportunities for Advanced Practice Nurses in the State of Florida to network, thus sharing ideas and developing strategic plans to examine and maximize roles, as well as functions of Advanced Practice Nursing.

Today, Advanced Practice Nursing (APN) in Florida includes, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, Certified Nurse Midwives, Clinical Nurse Specialist, and Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners. Each Specialty group of Nurse Practitioner is title protected. Various statutes and rules direct professional scope of practice.
Nurse Practitioners own practices, partner with physicians & non-physicians in business, as well as through collaborative partnerships. We provide care to persons in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, in private homes, mental health institutions, and outpatient surgical centers to name a few.

The National Institutes for Health, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, National Governors Associations, Kaiser Permanente, Florida’s Tax Watch, and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services have acknowledged a need to maximize full practice authority of Advanced Practice Nurses in order to increase access of primary care services to the patients.

We believe professionalism begins during academic preparation of Advanced Practice Nurses. The Florida Nurse Practitioner Network provides seasoned clinicians and students the right vote and hold office. Legislation influenced by FNPN members affects federal and state laws relating to the practice of advanced nursing. Simply stated, dialog precedes vote and each vote is voice!

As clinicians, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, politicians, and patients – we make a difference. Students are our future. Nurse Practitioners are viable stakeholders within the healthcare industry. Deans, Directors, and Nursing faculty are asked to please share with their students the importance of becoming a member of the Florida Nurse Practitioner Network.

Advanced Practice Nurses throughout Florida are encouraged to UNITE as an individual or group member of the Florida Nurse Practitioner Network. Many voices can agree to disagree. In relationships we refer this this concept as having ‘options.’ We all need one another.

The Mission of the Florida Nurse Practitioner Network includes:
  1. Encouraging networking between members throughout the state,
  2. Providing educational and professional development for Nurse Practitioners,
  3. Serving as a resource for nurse practitioners, their patients and other health care consumers,
  4. Promoting excellence in practice, education, policy and research,
  5. Providing legislative leadership and
  6. Advocating for health policy.

FNPN’s membership committee exists to advise on ways to increase and sustain members. WE exist to LISTEN to YOU! Post comments, email, or call FNPN membership committee at your leisure. Each member makes a difference!

Visit to become an individual or group member of the Florida Nurse Practitioner Network today!

Pamela V Johnson, MSN, ARNP, FNP-BC
Florida Nurse Practitioner Network
Membership Chairperson 2013


FNPN would like to congratulate Dr. Laureen Fleck on becoming the new FNPN PAC chair. There is much hard work ahead and we thank you in advance for your time and effort, we appreciate it!

The purpose of the FNPN-Political Action Committee (PAC) is to promote the ARNP profession through advancing the outcome of political issues or legislation. This is accomplished by contributing to the support of worthy candidates for State or Local offices who we believe have demonstrated their support of the principles to which this professional organization is dedicated. To further their purpose the PAC is empowered to solicit and accept these voluntary personal contributions (up to $500 per year per person). These contributions are used to attempt to influence the selection, nomination, or election of any individual to any State or Local office. Your decision to make a PAC contribution will help to continue our efforts wherever possible. Contributions can be made @ via Pay Pal…or your check payable to FNPN-PAC.

If anyone is interested in volunteering their time, please contact:
Dr. Fleck at

Let’s make things happen together! Thank you for your support!!


Jan Towers January 2013

Clarification on rumors of FDA Alleged Proposal to Prevent NP/PA from prescribing CS

Colleagues, Several of you have seen media reports regarding the recent meeting of the FDA Drug Safety and Risk management Advisory Committee related to the classification of Hydrocodone, that suggest that the FDA is considering banning nurse practitioners from prescribing Schedule II drugs. Please know that the report is FALSE. The focus of this meeting was to address once again the issue of the classification of Hydrocodone. It currently is a schedule III drug and the desire is to reclassify it to a Schedule II. As you will recall, this was an issue last year when the Prescription Drug User Fee Act was passed sans a proposed provision for this classifi-cation change. At that time we expressed concerns over the impact this would have on access in states where nurse practitioners are limited to prescribing Schedule III- V drugs. At the current meeting, the advisory com-mittee voted 19 to 10 to recommend the change. Please remember, this is an advisory committee recommen-dation and not a decision of the FDA. It may also help to know that the FDA does not always take the advice of its advisory committees. :) We have worked closely with the FDA on a variety of issues and it is not their intent to keep nurse practitioners from practicing at their full scope. In fact, in the meeting concerns were expressed about the nurse practitioners in those states where this would be an access problem. Yes, there is a nurse practitioner on the committee. Lori Martin-Plank, PhD, CRNP

AANP Members Celebrate Heart Month

February is American Heart Month, and AANP has partnered with Million Hearts™ to encourage nurse practitioners to help prevent one million heart attacks and strokes over five years In support of this initiative, AANP Fellows helped raise awareness about heart disease, the number one killer of women, on National Wear Red Day® (February 1). Their 2013 Winter Meeting was a great success with Fellows from all across the US in attendance.


News You Can Use

The Florida NP Network

has taken the next step to keep our members informed. Keep abreast of changes in your practice around the state and around the nation. You can join us today on Facebook under Florida Nurse Practitioner and Twitter under FloridaNP. We hope to hear from you.

Send us your articles

It is wonderful to spotlight Nurse Practitioners and highlight happenings in your area. Please submit names and events to FNPN newsletter welcomes your input!

Call for Posters FNPN Annual Conference May 17th and 18th

This year FNPN will be adding a new CE feature: Attended Posters. If you are interested in submitting a poster for consideration, please email objectives and CV to Arlene Wright.

FNPN Conference Program Guide

As the 10th annual Florida Nurse Practitioner Network Conference approaches, we are putting together the program guide. This year we have decided to allow ‘advertisers’ such as your physician group, pharmaceuti-cals, and local health care organizations to place ads if they choose not to exhibit. While we would love to have the exhibitors, we do want to offer this ad space to those that prefer a simpler method to communicate their business.

Currently, ad space on each page (8 ½ x 11) is as follows:
  • ¼ page, full color: $100
  • ½ page, full color: $150
  • Full page, full color: $250

Ads must be camera ready (.jpg, .png, .bmp) and be final proofed for advertising. No changes can be made once submitted. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Regina Pommer at

URGENT MESSAGE: To Lewis & Clark Policy Holders


On 1/15/13, Lewis and Clark wrote in response to my request for an update - "The company has now been placed into receivership by the Department of Insurance in Nevada. I was sent a no loss report for your review but the udnerwriter was not be able to release any policy documents at this time. The receiver should be contacted for any future requests for information on this program/policy"

Therefore if questions, you can contact:

Mike Anderson (Vista Consulting Group)
Phone: 800-476-2112 ext. 137

to verify that the company is no longer in business and what your protection is. We interpret this to be that we are not longer insured with L&C! So we suggest you check this out and get a new policy!

Lynda Knowles -Director of Underwriting for Nurses and Allied Healthcare Providers of Lewis and Clark RRG, Inc. Uni-ter Underwriting Management Corp. 3655 Brookside Parkway, Suite 200, Alpharetta, GA 30022, 678-781-2381, wrote that her last day of employment is Jan 21, 2013." It has been my great pleasure to serve you as well as all my other nurse clients over the years."

Once you confirm your own L&C policy status, your options are to contact the other insurers such as Marsh, NSO, CM&F and any other your find that will provide the mandatory NP insurance coverage requiredby the state @ 100K/250K or be under a group policy or government insurance. Several years ago, Florida Physicians got a law passed to go bare! Should NPs? Is that the right thing to do?

DNP Survey-Participation in the Meaningful Use Incentive Program By Advanced Practice Nurses
  • Name: Patty Ann Koyl MSN, ARNP-BC (member of FNPN, AANP, OAAPN, STTI, NLN,)
  • Purpose: The aim of this study is to determine knowledge levels APNs have for the Meaningful Use Incentive Program, to determine the extent in which APNs are participating in the program, and to identify confidence APNs have for utilizing Health Information Technology in practice. View the full announcement on our website
DNP Survey-Barriers to referring Rheumatoid Arthritis patients to yoga as an adjunct to conventional therapy
  • Name: Hillary Glenn, ARNP, MSN
  • Purpose: The overall goal of this research is to discover barriers to adjunct modalities, specifically yoga, being used in patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Awareness of the benefits of yoga for these patients may result in improved symptoms control. View the full announcement on our website