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New AANP Director of Health Policy and State Issues speaks at FNPN Conference

Posted over 9 years ago by Regina Pommer

The FNPN Annual Conference is thrilled to feature our guest legislative
speaker on Saturday, July 17th at the 10:45 am- 12 noon session. Dr.Tay Kopanos, the new AANP Director of Health Policy and State Issues will begin our legislative update to give you a sense of the national picture of health care and hone in on Florida issues. Come hear Dr Kopanos "State of the Profession" address on health regulation and policy and where NPs fit into the overall plan of health reform. Her role at AANP is to focus on improving patient access to health care, removing barriers to effect health care delivery and bringing stakeholders together to improve workforce delivery and utilization. Hear her thoughts on Florida issues and how they compare to other state NP practice environments and strategies we all can use to promote our profession. It will be an exciting venue, don't miss this opportunity!

There is still time to register at www.fnpn.org