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Legislative update: Strength In Numbers

Posted over 6 years ago by Regina Pommer

The amended version of the Dr. Title bill (SB 612) passed Thursday out of the  first Senate committee. The amended version is a far better bill than originally put forth by Senator Galvano and  we can thank Senator Denise Grimsley, from Sebring, for her proactive effort .  The amendment takes away the 3rd degree felony charge and does not require NP's to say who we are not. House Bill 699 that passed into law in 2006 requires health care providers to identify themselves to avoid confusion on the part of the patient as to who is rendering care. This is now in statute 458.348. Basically this keeps things status quo. 

The combined efforts within the nurse practitioner community made this possible.  Thanks to all, FNPN, FNA, FACN, FLANP and a special thanks to many of you who gave testimony to the news media throughout Florida, sent emails and letters to your Senator, and made countless phone calls. Your efforts are being noticed in Tallahassee. 

House Bill 805 (House version of the Dr. Title bill) will be heard by the Health Quality Subcommittee very soon and we need to inform the members of this committee that we adamantly oppose this bill as well.  Please contact the below members to voice your concern. Please go to http://www.myfloridahouse.gov/Sections/Committees/committeesdetail.aspx?CommitteeId=2716 to access this committee. Just double click the name and under their picture is the link to email them directly.

Thank you,

Deb Friedrich, DNP, ARNP, FNP-BC

FNPN Legislative VP