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The next step for the “Dr. Title” bill (SB 612)

Posted about 7 years ago by Regina Pommer

The next step for the “Dr. Title” bill (SB 612) is to be heard in the Senate Criminal Justice Committee. Our goal is to email the chair of this committee, Senator Greg Evers, and ask him NOT to put this bill on the agenda. It is a redundant bill and is wasting our legislator’s time and our tax payer’s money. House Bill 699 that passed into law in 2006 requires health care providers to identify themselves to avoid confusion on the part of the patient as to who is rendering care. This is now in statute 458.348. 

The combined effort within the nurse practitioner community has been remarkable, but we are not over the hurdle yet.  Please go to and click on Chairman Evers link. Under his picture is a contact heading, please click the email link below contact and voice your opposition to this bill being put on the agenda. If you feel inclined to do so; please email each member below.  

Members of Criminal Justice Committee 


    Senator Greg Evers (R)

Vice Chair:
  • Senator Christopher L. Smith (D) 
  • Senator Thad Altman (R)
  • Senator Rob Bradley (R)
  • Senator Charles S. "Charlie" Dean, Sr. (R)
  • Senator Audrey Gibson (D)
  • Senator David Simmons (R)

United in Patient Advocacy,
Deb Friedrich, DNP, ARNP, FNP-BC
FNPN Legislative VP