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Calling all Nurses & Nurse Practitioners!!!

Posted about 9 years ago by Christopher Saslo

Dr. Mark Marciano, a well respected and down to earth Optometrist in Palm Beach County is running for House of Representatives in District 83. “Mark” recently participated in a legislative panel discussion at the 6th Annual Nurse Practitioner Council of Palm Beach County on October 8th, 2010. Mark, along with several other attendees expressed their high regard for our profession and the need to support our cause for nursing issues, Advanced Practice and the need for supporting controlled substance legislation.

Mark Marciano NEEDS OUR VOTES!!!! Please encourage your friends, family and colleagues to make this commitment and begin to change the landscape of Tallahassee Legislation! We have been quiet far too long and can only make a change with your help. Please see the FNPN website (www.fnpn.org) to access our latest newsletter that talks about early voting and the ability to vote in a way that is convenient to you!

Mark lives in North Palm Beach and needs support from those living in Palm Beach County in district 83. Click on the link to district 83 to see if your help can ensure a successful campaign for Mark!!!

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