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FNPN will Host the Inaugural Florida AAP Director 's Meeting at our August Conference

Posted 4 months ago by Jean Aertker

If you are an APP DIrector or know the person in your hospital or facility who leads/directs/credentials the APP staff, please have them contact FNPN for more information to attend the first FL APP Director's Invitational Network meeting. The meeting will be Friday, August 16th, from 3 - 5 PM with Douglas Houghton, DNP, APRN as co-chair and Brian Graves, Ph.D., APRN. The FNPN conference is at Marriott World Resort, Orlando August 15-17th. We hope our networking success will help this newer role in healthcare administration grow and support APP practice throughout Florida.

Please contact FNPN at FloridaNPNetwork@gmail.com for more information and free registration for the APP meeting and survey information. The link to the full conference is: FNPNCONFERENCE2019