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As Hurricane Dorian Approaches our East Coast...

Posted 9 months ago by Jean Aertker

Many of our members, family and friends will feel the impact soon of H. Dorian on the East Coast and over to Central Florida. Our thoughts and prayers for no loss of life and property are with all.  Due to the threat posed by Hurricane Dorian, Governor DeSantis has already declared a state of emergency for the State of Florida. In response to this potential catastrophic emergency, the Florida Department of Health is asking health care providers to take certain precautions to ensure patients remain as safe as possible before, during and after the storm. Useful information from the Department of Health can be found here:
The Emergency Order impacts all as health care providers and we advise you to follow your emergency plan to ensure all providers and patients are prepared. The Department of Health recommends that all health care practitioners consider backing up patient records if not done so already, or to safeguard access to patient records that may be impacted by Hurricane Dorian. Hopefully,  all practices have secure records and in the cloud to retrieve access. The Order also allows pharmacists to dispense up to a 30-day emergency prescription refill of maintenance medication to persons who reside in one of the counties impacted. The Order also allows pharmacists to dispense to emergency personnel who have been activated by their state and local agency but who do not reside in an area or county covered by this Order. The Surgeon General’s Order also extends the E-FORCSE reporting requirements regarding the dispensing of controlled substances for up to 30 days.  While the Order does not also waive the requirement to check the E-FORCSE database prior to prescribing a controlled substance, please be advised that the requirement to consult the system does not apply when the system cannot be accessed by the prescriber because of a temporary technological or electrical failure.  In such a circumstance, the prescriber shall document the reason why the system was not consulted in the patient’s medical records and shall not prescribe greater than a 3-day supply of a controlled substance to a patient.

For all who will be volunteering in Florida emergency shelters or other facilities, we know your work will help many in need. We are proud of all that you do! Be safe!