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Breaking News! Florida House Speaker Opens Session with Nurse Practitioner of the Day!

Posted 3 months ago by Arlene Wright

As noted by News Service of Florida’s “Ten Big Issues to Watch During the 2020 Session,” revamping the health care industry under House Speaker Jose Oliva remains a priority. This will be evident on session opening day on January 14, 2020, when Speaker Oliva announced there will be a Nurse Practitioner of the Day throughout the session.

On day one, our own 1st VP of Legislation, Dr. Doreen Cassarino will be recognized for her commitment to the NP profession as the 1st NP of the day in the state of Florida.

While there are still many issues important to Florida families on the table,  we thank Speaker Oliva and Rep Dr. Pigman for their commitment to health care in the Sunshine State.