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HHS Secretary Alex Azar Address to AANP Health Policy Conference Attendees

Posted 15 days ago by Doreen Cassarino

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On March 10, attendees of the 2020 AANP Health Policy Conference in Washington D.C. enjoyed a visit from HHS Secretary Alex Azar, who affirmed his confidence in NPs and provided an important COVID-19 update. "As the United States, and the entire world, confronts the challenge of the novel coronavirus, we are asking more than ever of our health care practitioners — and I have great confidence that all of you will rise to the challenge," Azar said.

The 2020 AANP Health Policy Conference provided a unique opportunity for more than 300 NPs to hear first hand from national health policy leaders. The conference culminated with attendees conducted more than 200 meetings with legislators and their staff on Capitol Hill.

During his address, Azar shared information about what the administration is doing to ensure that the public is informed and the health care system is prepared to meet the increasing need for health care services.