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2020 - The year of the nurse and the midwife

Posted 13 days ago by Regina Pommer

The World Health Organization (WHO) designated 2020 as the year of the nurse and the midwife. This designation is certainly timely during this COVID-19 pandemic as we witness nurses and healthcare workers across the globe doing what they do the best in the face of this crisis. Each year since 1993, initiated by the American Nurses Association, the week of May 6- 12 has been celebrated as a nurse’s week to honor nurses for their amazing contributions to health care. In honor of the 200th birthday of Florence Nightingale, May 12th is recognized as Internal Nurses Day. This year the theme  “Nurses: A Voice to Lead-Nursing the World to Health’ represents the nurses and advanced practice nurses ( APRN’s) on the front lines caring for patients amidst this pandemic.

As president of the Florida Nurse Practitioner Network, it is an honor and a privilege to stand among my colleagues as we celebrate and acknowledge our everyday heroes going above and beyond each and every day.

Happy Nurse’s week 

Arlene Wright, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, FNAP