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FNPN Committees Have Volunteer Opportunities For Members!

Posted 8 days ago by Regina Pommer

FNPN is seeking committee members. Standing and ad hoc committees are listed below. Please consider volunteering; become active in your organization! Volunteers must be active, paid members of FNPN. Appointments to ad hoc committees are made by the Committee Chair, approved by the President and BOD and reviewed on an annual basis.

Awards and Scholarships (Standing Committee)
This committee serves to promote excellence in practice, education, policy, and research. The President will appoint the Chair of this committee and three other members to create, review or discontinue awards and scholarships offered by FNPN. All changes must be approved by the BOD and Finance Committee if the budget is impacted.

Education & Conference Committee (Standing Committee)
The Second Vice President will serve as the Chair of this committee. This committee serves to advise on promotions of education standards and develop conferences sponsored by FNPN. The main priorities include the annual conferences, BootCamp, required CE, and special events offering CE hours.

Finance Committee (Ad Hoc)
The Treasurer will serve as Chair of this committee, and three additional committee members will be appointed. This committee will review FNPN's financial position and continually seek recommendations and guidance on all financial aspects to ensure the organization's financial solvency. 

Health Policy Committee (Ad Hoc)
The 1st Vice President for Legislation will serve as the Chair of this committee and advise on legislative issues of importance to nurse practitioners.

Membership Committee (By-Laws)
The Director of Membership will serve as the Chair of this committee. The committee will advise on methods to increase and maintain organizational membership. Special programs should encourage NP students, new graduates, and DNP students to participate in their state professional organization.

Media & PR Committee (Ad Hoc)

The Secretary will serve as the Chair of this committee. The committee will advise on communications through the newsletter, email, website, social media, and other forms of communication. Social media campaigns will be developed by the committee and Chair and approved by the First Vice President.

Nominations Committee (Standing Committee)
Per the bylaws, the Nominations Committee membership is determined by the election.

Practice Committee (Ad Hoc)
A committee that assists FNPN BOD with Q&As submitted via the website regarding state practice issues. All Region Directors will serve as committee members, with one RD selected by the President to serve as the Chair. Up to three members may volunteer to be added to this committee who hold expertise and interest in scope of practice issues for NPs. These members are advisory and do not provide legal advice. The Practice Committee will advise the BOD on any practice issues they feel need further consideration. 

Thanks To All Who Volunteer!  You Make a Difference in our Profession!