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We Need Your Help- Become Involved in the Legislative Session !

Posted 6 months ago by Regina Pommer

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Dear FNPN member,

The 2022 Florida Legislative Session will begin in January. Last year, we celebrated the passing of our autonomous practice bill for primary care nurse practitioners and certified nurse midwives, but there is more work to be done so all nurse practitioners can become autonomous. We are asking for your help and we need your voice to be heard. We need you to spread the word.

The best way to achieve our future goals and improve access to quality healthcare in Florida is relationship-building between individual nurse practitioners and the legislators who represent them. How is this done? We are asking you to schedule meetings with your own legislators in the Florida House and Senate while they are still in their hometowns! What a better way for them to get to know you! Develop a relationship so your legislators call YOU when they have a healthcare question. Make them aware of what you do for patients in their own community. Many of our legislators are new and need educated about our profession.

Here are the steps:

Thank you and please contact us at the above link with any questions.

Sincerely, Vicky Stone-Gale, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, FAANP FNPN

First Vice President, Legislation


FNPN President