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Decide Study Invite ~ Nurse Practitioners Requested - Date Correction

Posted about 9 years ago by Regina Pommer

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ICON Clinical Research invites you to participate in an on-line study examining the effect of a decision support tool on interpretation of structured self-monitored blood glucose (SMBG) data in patients with Type 2 diabetes (i.e., the Decide Study). 

In total, approximately 260 board-certified health care providers (HCPs)—family practitioners, internal medicine doctors, and nurse practitioners--are being recruited for this study.  Participation is expected to take place throughout the months of February and early March (2011) via a web based application.  Anticipated time required for completion of all study activities is approximately 4 hours. The main study activity involves reviewing case studies and making therapeutic decisions based on the information provided. 

A one-time honorarium of $800.00 for Nurse Practitioners and $1050.00 for Physicians will be provided after completion of the tasks associated with this study.

 If you are interested in participating in this study and meet the inclusion/exclusion requirements outlined below, please complete the attached form and return by email ( or fax ([866] 955-7498) to ICON Clinical Research, Inc. no later than February 17, 2011.  Additionally, if you know of other HCPs (perhaps within your facility) who might be interested in participating please forward this email to their attention. 

Inclusion Criteria:

  • board-certified in family practice or internal medicine or a certified nurse practitioner
  • current license to practice in good standing
  • actively engaged in clinical practice full time (i.e., at least 30 hours or more per week)
  • clinical practice patient population includes at least 10% of patients with Type 2 diabetes  
  • recommend use of self monitored blood glucose (SMBG) testing to patients with Type 2 diabetes
  • have a valid e-mail address and access to a computer with broadband Internet (DSL/Cable/LAN)
  • able and willing to commit to an approximate 4 hour window of time within a 24 hour period to complete the on-line study related activities
  • read and write English without difficulty 

Exclusion Criteria:

  • currently using specialized structured testing data collection forms in your practice
  • recognized as a specialist in diabetes management (defined as having advanced training or certification in diabetes [i.e., an endocrinologist, diabetologist, or CDE])
  • previously used the ACCU-CHEK® 360° View Blood Glucose Analysis System
  • actively engaged in educating interns, residents, medical students, or other health care professionals about diabetes care 

Finally, if you have any questions regarding this study, please email the study-specific mailbox at or call the study-specific number at (800) 396-9048. Your inquiry will be addressed within 24 business hours. 

Kind regards,

The ICON Study Team