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Your Financial Security and the Buying Power of 3 Million Nurses

Posted almost 6 years ago by Regina Pommer

Your group buying power as a member of America's nursing profession brings you Nurses Service Organization (NSO) insurance at economical rates only available to nurses and their families.

Here are 3 ways to turn this nurses' advantage into better financial security for yourself, your family or both. All come with instant online quotes and a convenient online application:

NSO Term Life Insurance – economical life insurance at   its simplest. You pay a premium, and in return know that if your loved ones   were to unexpectedly lose you, at least they would have financial help at   such a difficult time. Up to $200,000 coverage is available to nurses and   their spouses.

NSO Disability Income Insurance – pays you up to $2,000   a month to help make up for lost income if a serious accident or illness   were to leave you disabled and unable to work.

NSO Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance – at   a cost of just $7 a month for $100,000 coverage, this can be a good way   to arrange for much-needed cash to go to your loved ones if they were to   unexpectedly lose you in an accident.

Thousands of nurses nationwide confidently rely on NSO, the leading provider of insurance and risk management services to America's nurses. We encourage you to check out any or all of these plans designed and priced exclusively for nurses and their families.


Michael J. Loughran
Nurses Service Organization