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Inability to practice to the full extent

Posted over 7 years ago by Regina Pommer

Hello Colleagues, 

RWJF is looking to do a health policy brief on nursing Scope of Practice issues, but wants to broaden the definition to include inability to practice at the full extent of education and experience at all levels for all nurses. Given that, they are soliciting concrete examples that can be used to show how there are barriers to all nurses practicing to the top of their education and training.  They want examples at the APRN (including, NP, CRNA, CNM), BSN, ADN, LPN levels and examples in hospitals, home health care agencies, school nursing, physician offices, etc. The example of barriers can be legal, sociocultural, or institutional. 

Please send concrete examples by replying to this message.  I will collect information for Florida and pass it on as a composite response. 


Mary Lou Brunell, RN, MSN
Executive Director, Florida Center for Nursing
Co-Lead, Florida Action Coalition