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Dr. Neuzil's Irrigator: "Get On The Shelf"

Posted over 7 years ago by Regina Pommer

I've owned the practice for almost 12 years now. In July 2010 I developed a nasal cleaning spray for my patients because most of them didn't want more medications for the treatment of their nasal symptoms and requested something more natural. In the past we had encouraged nasal irrigation with things like the Netti Pot and other saline irrigation symptoms. But due to difficulty in performing the nasal irrigation, the mess and inconvenience, many either did not try and if they did try many did not continue. So approximately 2 years ago I developed something call "Dr. Neuzil's Irrigator" www.irrigatornasalspray.com In essence it is a saline based formula with various essential oils that is sprayed and cleanses the nose of things like pollens, dirt and other contaminants. It leaves the nose fresh without medications. We've worked hard on distribution and are in approximately 100 locations in 20+ states. We just recently began a trial in the local Walgreens here in Central Florida and find approaching these big companies to be very difficult. Walmart has just started (March 7th) a contest to Get the Product on the Shelf campaign. This could really be a great opportunity for us and I'd really appreciate you Help.

The contest involves having people vote for our video, "The Sniffle Symphony" which you can view here (and vote, please).

You can vote by Facebook and Text message only, once a day, during round 1 (through April 3rd). You can vote two ways, once a day, every day via Facebook and/or texting 4021 to 383838.

If we make it into the Top 10, then we'll have another two week voting period.

I value your connection in my network and otherwise try to respect infringing on my friends and business associates unless it is important. The contest is already getting national news attention and we believe the product is a good fit for national distribution.

Please consider helping us out by voting each day through Facebook and Text Messaging. I would be happy to - upon your request - send you regular reminders to vote.

I'd appreciate it if you'd share this information with your networks so we can get as many people voting as possible.

Francis E. Neuzil Jr., PhD, ARNP-BC

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