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NP's Please Read!! "AMA looking to amend Scope of Practice for NP's"

Posted almost 10 years ago by Regina Pommer

The AMA has developed a new series of 10 documents entitled "Scope of Practice Data Series". One volume in this series is entitled “Nurse Practitioners.” Its stated purpose is to aid physicians to counter advocacy efforts of Nurse Practitioners to expand their scope of practice to allow for direct access to patients without a referral. 

145 pages of one sided arguments developed to sway legislators, regulatory bodies, and other governmental decision-makers about the education of physician and all "non"-physician health-care providers. To that end, the AMA distributes these modules to state medical associations, state medical boards, national medical specialty societies, and national medical organizations. However, it is not their policy to provide the modules to individual physicians, and by inference, the general public. Have you seen a copy yet?

The question is this, health reform is evident -it will happen to some degree- and still organized medicine is resistant to change that can reel in health care costs that have gone awry. They openly say they want change, but then we see these publications created meant to stifle other professions. Once again this one profession, which is outnumbered by nursing professionals, attempts throws its weight (and money) around to influence policy makers.  It's about time nursing calls the card and stops this so we can find ways for all to move our one cause forward: accessible, affordable health care...