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NPs are an important puzzle piece to solve our VA crisis

Posted over 5 years ago by Jean Aertker

By now, all have read, heard or experienced the crisis our VA system is encountering. Change is evident. We know in some states, the NP role in the VAH is highly valued and works in tandem with other providers to care for our veterans. Some VAs are not broken. But sadly, nationwide VAH does not have the same vision for all NPs. We will need change at the FEDERAL level to have the VA Admin recognize NPs' ability to practice to their full scope throughout the VHA system. So what are you doing to help our colleagues in the VA? Here's an update from AANP - join in and help create an exemplar model of VA care that is deserving for those who fought and risked all for us! Why not write that letter or email today!

FROM AANP EMIAL: Status Update on VA As we move closer to the August recess, lawmakers  in Washington, D.C. continue work on crafting a legislative package that will  ensure America's veterans receive the quality care they deserve.  The Veterans Affairs (VA) committees in the  House and Senate will be holding hearings this week on how to improve the  health care provided at the VA.  Additionally,  the Conference committee, tasked with constructing a VA legislative package  that is capable of passing both the House and Senate, will continue its work on  this important issue with plans to meet this week. While work surrounding  legislation is occurring, Senators are also meeting with VA Secretary Nominee  Robert McDonald prior to his confirmation hearings which are yet to be  scheduled.

While all of this work is occurring, AANP is  ensuring that Members of Congress are hearing from NPs in their state regarding  the important role NPs play in the VA.   NPs are emphasizing to their Congressional Members that by increasing  the number of NPs in the VA and allowing them to practice to their full scope  throughout the system would improve the level of care provided by the VA to our  veterans.  Please use the links provided  to find editorials written by AANP members that ran in the Burlington  Free Press and the Arizona  Republic.  AANP  will continue to work with our members to ensure Members of Congress hear from  their constituents regarding NPs in the VA.

As Members of  Congress continue to craft and pass legislation that will  improve the care that our veterans receive,  and as they continue to examine Mr. McDonald regarding his confirmation as  Secretary of the VA,  AANP asks that you send letters to Members  of Congress asking them to support the  Veterans Health Administration (VHA) plan to recognize NPs' ability to practice  to their full scope throughout the VHA system and the  VA's current Acting Secretary, Sloan Gibson, to support and implement the  Veterans Health Administration (VHA) plan to recognize NPs' ability to practice  to their full scope throughout the VHA system.  Because of your efforts, AANP has sent over  10,000 letters to Members of Congress and more than 300 letters directly to the  Department of Veterans Affairs regarding the importance of recognizing NPs to  their full scope throughout the VA system.   AANP believes strongly that we must continue to send letters encouraging  the VA to move forward with this important policy.