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DNP Research- NP Obesity Knowledge

Posted over 7 years ago by Regina Pommer

My name is Kyle Farr. I am a DNP candidate at Oakland University in Rochester, MI. I have been granted IRB approval for my research study to look at NP knowledge/awareness on obesity risks, identification, evaluation and management. For my research tool I am using a 20 question T/F questionnaire that will assess these areas.  Obesity is a major health risk and I am trying to set the foundation for where NPs need more education on managing this epidemic. As a primary care provider your input into this research is vital to understanding obesity and the treatment of obese patients. Just as importantly, this research will help us understand how to better prepare future nurse practitioners to care for the unique and challenging patients. 

The link to my IRB approved study survey is:

Thank you very much for your time.

Kyle M Farr, MSN, NP-C