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FNPN Announces Keynote Speaker Jeff Bauer at Annual Conference August 22nd and 23rd

Posted over 5 years ago by Regina Pommer

After years in graduate education, mastery of your wide range of clinical skills, developing and shaping your NP role and finding your niche in healthcare, you probably are feeling overwhelmed these days with all the changes occurring in the health care system. The ACA and other trends impacting the care delivered or care not delivered have hit us hard, yet NPs see a vision that we must learn to share and speak about in terms of economic strategies. NPs are critical to saving our health care economy. That is reality. Come listen to Dr. Bauer and gain a keener insight for how your role will make a difference in Florida and beyond.

Dr. Jeff Bauer, is an internationally recognized health futurist and medical economist. As an industry thought leader, he forecasts the evolution of health care and develops practical approaches to improving the medical sector of the American economy. He is widely known for his specific proposals to create an efficient and effective health care delivery system though multi-stakeholder partnerships and other initiatives focused in the private sector. Dr. Bauer has published more than 200 articles, books, Web pages, and videos on health care delivery. He speaks frequently to national and international audiences about key trends in health care, medical science, technology, information systems, reimbursement, public policy, health reform, and creative problem-solving. Dr. Bauer is quoted often in the national press and writes regularly for professional journals that cover the business of health care. He has been an unfailing supporter of Nurse Practitioners and their positive contributions to health care. NPs have been fortunate to have many advocates along the way who have spent time and energy helping us develop our practices, supporting our goal of improving patient outcomes and endorsing our role as high quality independent health care providers. Dr. Bauer is one of these advocates who will bring this topic to life and give you a clear vision of where we are going! Join us if you want to be a part of this vision!

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