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TV Commericals Spotlight Certified NPs

Posted almost 5 years ago by Jean Aertker

A share from Dr. A. Bushy President, found on Volusia-Flagler webspage:
See Your Specialty on TV February 1, 2015!

The national public awareness campaign "Certified Nurses are Everywhere!" is still going strong for 2015. Launched last February in partnership with the National Certification Corporation and other nursing certification boards, this initiative describes for viewers how certification strengthens patient care. A public service announcement (PSA) commercial is currently being broadcast by network and independent stations throughout the United States and has been viewed over 228 million times.

If you haven't seen the PSA yet, tune in for specially scheduled broadcasts during the CBS Sunday Evening News at 6:00 pm ET on these dates:

February 1, 2015; February 8, 2015; February 15, 2015; February 22, 2015

You already know your certification makes a difference to children and families. Certified Nurses are Everywhere! tells consumers in a clear, compelling way how certified nursing professionals impact health care because you: Have demonstrated knowledge by passing a rigorous examAre a clinical expert dedicated to providing quality, evidence-based care. Show that you stay current with health care changes through a renewal process. We hope you can see your specialty featured on TV! Thank you for your commitment to certification!
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