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House declares Sine Die

Posted almost 5 years ago by Janet DuBois

Yesterday the Florida House of Representatives declared the 2015 session over with their Sine Die announcement. They have not announced whether they will come back for a special session but it seems that all bills pending are dead.

We are very dissapointed that this happened at a time when our landmark legislation had a fighting chance to move forward. While we understand that there are extreme political differences between the House and the Senate, we encourage the House to reconvene and try and work out their differences. So many important bills were left hanging, including our CS "ordering" bill (HB281) and the Independent APRN bill (HB547).

We encourage you to reach out to your Representative to ask that they reconvene and hear our bills!

Fortunately, the Baker Act bill was passed by both the House & Senate and is on it's way to the Governor.