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The Rally in Tally

Posted almost 10 years ago by Regina Pommer

On Wednesday, March 24, 2010 the largest rally of Florida nurse practitioners ever will occur. On that morning NPs and their supporters from all over Florida and beyond will gather in the courtyard of the State Capitol Building and will protest in unison for change in the controlled substance prescribing law.

Only Florida and Alabama refuse to let NPs use their education and knowledge to help their patients. This causes patient suffering and blocks access to care. THE LAW MUST BE CHANGED.

We would like you to stand in the courtyard with the rest of us. We would like you to be a voice in the chorus to reverse a policy that has harmed our practice and the patients we serve. We want to be able to count on you, individually, to support the cause; to stand up and be counted this time. To advocate for your patients.

Will you answer the call? WE SURE HOPE SO!

To make this easier for you, we have scheduled buses leaving from several central Florida cities. We will provide lunch and CEUs on the buses. We've subsidized the cost and got it down to $50 total per person. But we need YOU to say, "Yes, count me in. I'll go and tell them what I think. I'll make my voice heard for my patients."

Go to www.fnpn.org and sign up today.