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FL Medicaid Doctors To Get Raise

Posted almost 7 years ago by Jean Aertker

News article in Health News Florida (WUSF) today.  Thanks to our state AANP Rep Gail Sadler for sharing.


"The raise, which brings Medicaid pay up to the level of Medicare for two years, is part of the  Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The idea is to lure more doctors into primary care and make it worth their while to care for those insured by Medicaid, the joint state and federal program for the very poor." Many ARNP's in Florida care for Medicaid patients BUT It's difficult to determine just how many who are Medicaid certified are actually caring for patients with this insurance. In our upcoming Annual ARNP Practice Survey we will include this question. Please provide a comment now on this site if you are seeing Meidcaid patients and expect an impact in your practice as a result of the FL Meidcaid HMO changes and ACA? Thanks!




Pamela V Johnson almost 7 years ago

Over 90% of our patients have Medicare or Medicaid primary insurance. Of the 90% at least half have Medicaid as a primary payor source. Of interest was a comment posted from ACHA in Florida indicating that this raise is exclusive to Physicians. CMS bases non-physician rates of reimbursement on the same relative value unit scale minus 15%. If this raise becomes effective can non-physician primary care providers be automatically excluded?

Jean Aertker almost 7 years ago

We understand this funding is to entice more providers into the new Medicaid programs, and Feds support for two years, and that NPs are expected to be included in this primary care fee structure. more information on this is coming soon, Jean Aertker

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