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More News Articles Speak Out Against Florida's Oppressive "Dr Title" Bill

Posted about 7 years ago by Jean Aertker

The oppressive and onerous "Dr Title Bill" brainchild of the FMA and filed in the legislature by Senator Bill Galvano of Bradenton & Representative Heather Fitzenhagen of Ft Myers, is the subject of many newspaper articles calling for recall of this bill. If you have not written, called, emailed and faxed (all methods!!) all legislators, then do so today. Lets stop this nonsense and get focused on helping Floridians access quality health care and health education.

See these latest articles:
  • “My Word”: “Nurses have Critical Role in Health cCre” by Jane Kirschling in the Orlando Sentinel, 3-18-13, A 11, column. Click Here
  • The Waiting Room Blog: Who can be called "Doctor"? Editorial By Julie Waldrop, DNP, PNP, FNPN in The Clinical Advisor. Click Here



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