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BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Doreen Cassarino Attends Medicare EO Signing at the Villages in Florida

Posted 6 months ago by Jean Aertker


Dr. Doreen Cassarino, AANP Region 11 Director, traveled to the Villages retirement community

in Central Florida yesterday, October 3, 2019 to attend an invitational only gathering for President Trump's signing of an Executive Order (EO) focusing on modernizing Medicare. The event was held strategically at the Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center before a mostly retiree packed audience concerned about the future of their Medicare coverage. The title of this executive order is  “Protecting and Improving Medicare for Our Nation’s Seniors.” Doreen reports the President specially mentioned Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ prescription drug importation law with Canada as a good innovative way to reduce prescription cost and noted within the EO it contains provisions to allow “other types of clinicians”, such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants, to practice at the top of their licenses, and hopefully eliminating supervision requirements for

physician oversight. For years organized medicine has strongly opposed this necessary change. NPs see this move will help especially with rural practices that suffer the most now and will increase the NPs ability to work to the full extent of their education and preparation. Doreen is Past President of FNPN and current Vice President of Legislative Affairs. Doreen is also a past president, board officer and member of Collier County NP Council, Naples.

Read entire Executive Order here:


Susan Solomon-Grimes 5 months ago

The need for unrestricted practice is indicated in urban areas also. If we can evaluate a need, why can’t we sign an order? Ridiculous!!!

Dr. Brad A. Briscoe 5 months ago

Did we slip a little note in the governors coat pocket with regards to reminding him about the portion of the executive order stating we should be allowed to practice To our full scope? Perhaps he will rethink his statement about letting doctors be doctors?

Judith Faustin-gabriel 5 months ago

I just can't wait for this new burden to be off our shoulders. To me, it is abuse. I work, they get paid, and yet my license is restricted. I never understand the rationale behind restricting license.

Donna Lester 5 months ago

Great to see NPs represented

Carole Kerwin Kain 5 months ago

Thanks for attending and so ably representing the APRNS and CNSs in Florida.
I would be interested in who or which agency (in Florida and/or the Federal system) will oversee, monitor or facilitate the proposed changes outlined in the Executive Order.

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