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Celebrating National Nurse Practitioner Week * November 10-16, 2019

Posted 15 days ago

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2019 National Nurse Practitioner Week — November 10th-16th. A time to celebrate the nurse practitioner (NP) as the health care provider trusted by millions around the country. The theme this year is 270,000 NPs: Health Care You Can Trust, which is a testament that patients choose the quality care provided by NPs as evidenced by more than 1.06 billion visits made to NPs every year.  

Additionally, this week serves as a unique opportunity to educate our Florida lawmakers about the critical work done by NPs in the districts they represent and to remind them that barriers to NP practice still exist in many areas. This limits patient access to the quality health care services provided by highly qualified NPs. There are over 35,000 APRNS now licensed in Florida, making Florida NPs the 3rd largest state in the nation, yet our state healthcare ranks low for providing access to care by national standards. Together, we can make NP Week the highest-impact celebration of our profession ever and give recognition to our outstanding workforce! 

There are so many ways to get involved. Also, visit AANP.org - NPWeekResource Guide for ideas.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of your patients and for sharing the incredible work of NPs in your community. Together, let’s showcase — locally and nationally — why patients choose NPs!  

Don’t forget to share your creative ideas with your colleagues by sending news and photos of your NP Week Celebrations to us at FloridaNPNetwork@gmail.com and also AANP socialmedia@aanp.org



Nancy Raab 1 minute ago

Proud to be a Nurse Practitioner for over 40 years! I have watched this profession grow as an integral part of our health system, providing much needed and appreciated care.

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