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Update to Rally in Tally and APRN Advocacy for Legislative Session 2020

Posted 3 months ago by Doreen Cassarino

Join your colleagues in advocating for HB 607-Advanced Practice Nursing sponsored by Representative Pigman, MD on January 14th for the Rally in Tally and opening day of the 2020 Legislative Session.  Meet up with other APRNs at 8:30 am in the capital cafeteria for support and organization. Wear your lab coat in order to be visible to other APRNs and to legislators and legislative assistants.

The APRN Advocacy for Legislative Session will be held through the session ending on March 13th.  APRNs are needed to come to Tallahassee on Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays to be visible, meet with legislators, discuss HB 607, and attend committee meetings. 

Please register, sign up and get more details at

Then afterward log you meeting and experience at

If you have never visited our state capital, please check out the below links for “Visitor’s Guide” to get familiar with the buildings, parking, do’s and don’t access the secured buildings.

 Just think about the impact if each of the over 35,000 APRNs in the state took one day to visit our state capital and be a part of the legislative process!

If you have any questions contact Doreen Cassarino FNPN First VP Legislative Affairs at or by cell (239) 250-3804


Jean Aertker about 2 months ago

On Tuesday Jan 14, please arrive at the lower level Capitol Cafeteria by 8:30 a.m. to meet with your fellow APRNs. Please dress in business attire with your white lab coat. Here you can grab a coffee while you discuss the handouts and the organization of the day.
Note: If you were unable to schedule a meeting with your legislator, feel free to stop by their office to request a meeting that day. You can also coordinate with other attendees and go to meetings together.

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