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Thank You Message: Dr. Ford's Golf Tournament & 99th Birthday Celebration

Posted 3 months ago by Jean Aertker

What a grand event and we especially thank you Dr. Ford for allowing us to celebrate your birthday again. We are asking all who attended to send your photos to so to post. Check out our Photo Gallery with some great shots we have so far!

Thanks to the nearly 100 guests who helped us celebrate on Saturday January 4, 2020. We actually made it to the 6th hole before the expected downpour,  but we did get to golf with the Queen of the Nation of NPs.  Dr. Ford advised us to say, "SSOM"  which means, "Sun Shine on Me" and it really did work! Many thanks to the "NP Force Golf Team" and all the special friends who came from near and far to make this a special day. We had an awesome Italian Feast lunch provided by the Continential Country Club Staff and our tournament made ready by the Golf Pro, Steve Wresch. Thanks for making this so much fun! The NP Force creative team included Jean Aertker, Frank Manole, Arlene Wright, Doreen Cassarino, Bonnie Sealey, Meredith Heyde, Kahlil Demonbreun,Vicky Stone-Gale, Lauren Baptista, Janet DuBois and Gail Sadler. Special thanks to Nancy Lee, CCC trainer who organized CCC friends and Val Monrad for her support, ideas and decorations. A special delightful addition to the progam was the superb music played by Jazz Guitarist, Robbie Heyde, son of Meredith Heyde, APRN. The donation of 5 limited edition special tea mugs with a special blend of "Lee's Sassy Tea" that was designed by Nancy Boyer, APRN with photos and message from " Lee" were a very special addition to the event. If you are interested in getting your own tea mug, please contact FNPN.

Dr. Ed Neuzil, APRN,  our title Sponsor was able to attend and Our Tournament Sponsor again was Millennium Physicians Group (Thanks  Arlene for again making this connection). Dr. Fords Queen's golf cart was sponsored by Bonnie Sealey & Sophia Thomas, AANP President had the honor to drive her on the course. Net proceeds for this event will go to the new FNPN Dr. Loretta C. Ford Student Scholarship. Our event again this year also supports the Dr.Ford's favorite Charities: University of Rochester Dr. Ford Fellowship Fund and the University of Colorado's Loretta C. Ford Nurse Practitioner Endowed Fund. Please consider donating any amount to add to these charities as a 99th birthday gift to Dr. Ford! Let's do it next year too! Will you join us?!


Patricia Perry about 2 months ago

Happy Birthday, Dr. Loretta!!!

#Many Happy BD’s Dr. Loretta. You Deserve The Best!

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