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NP SPOTLIGHT: Jessica MacIntyre creates Covid-19 Spanish educational video!

Posted 5 days ago by Jean Aertker

Great work Jessica MacIntyre, APRN, NP-C, AOCNP, Executive Director, Clinical Operations at Sylvester Cancer Center who recently created a You Tube Teaching video to reach-out to the Spanish speaking community in Florida educating citizens about the virus and encouraging them to stay at home, wash their hands, and help us flatten the curve to prevent the virus from spreading.

APRNs in Florida are leading & doing amazing work at workplaces and in the community to stop this transmission! How has this pandemic impacted our members? Please share your stories or innovations!  We appreciate all you are doing! Stay safe! We are in this battle united and together. 


Elvira Velez 24 minutes ago

Unfortunately, the link does not connect to the video.

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