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2011 Florida Legislative Session Begins Tuesday, March 8

Posted about 8 years ago by Jean Aertker

Our new Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Legislature prepare for the 2011 session next week. They must demonstrate their resolve to work for balanced budget that is fiscally prudent using taxpayers’ dollars wisely and fulfilling their responsibility to meet the public health, safety and welfare needs of our state. They need to hear from Florida Nurse Practitioners - frequently and succinctly  with the clear unified message.

This is going to be a difficult session indeed, as we have seen many controversial issues in the news already. Budget and finances will top all bills and issues. Since Florida has no personal income tax (yeah!), we must realize our revenue workhorse is the sales tax and repealing tax exemptions. Expect some big changes. As the old saying goes, hold on to your wallets tightly cause the legislature is now in session!

FNPN will keep you apprised of the weekly sessions and hope all will respond to our calls to assist when needed. Hopefully you have all met and know your legisltors, so call upon them if our bills of interest need input and action. Please read the emails and act! It's your practice!


Janice Hess about 8 years ago

Great post. As ARNPs we have a responsibility to the public we serve and our profession to get involved. We also need to build a grassroots effort of NPs, RNs, patients, family, friends, organizations to support ARNP's important role in meeting the healthcare needs of our state.

As you point out, this is a new legislator and it can be a difficult year but if we join forces and our political advocacy voice we can make a difference. The key to success is the effort must start with all NPs becoming involved not just a few who are always on the front lines for political activism.

Jan Hess

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