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State surgeon general declares public health emergency

Posted over 9 years ago by Jean Aertker

Dr. Frank Farmer, Florida State Surgeon General issued a statewide public health emergency declaration in response to the ongoing problem of prescription drug abuse and diversion in Florida. Click Here

ARNP's in Florida are "painfully" aware of the fact that ARNP's did not create this problem in our state, but are willing to do all we can to stop the drug pill mills.

On June 3, Governor Scott signed House Bill 7095. The new law, which is designed to tackle prescription drug distribution in several ways, increases penalties for overprescribing Oxycodone and other controlled substances, requires tracking of the wholesale distribution of certain controlled substances and provides support for the continued efforts of state agencies, state and local law enforcement and state prosecutors. The bill also bans doctors from dispensing these controlled drugs except under specific circumstances.

Finally, the legislators get it right and create a bill that Follows The Money!! Comments?!


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