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Governor Scott Signs 2013 NP Week Proclamation for FNPN

Posted almost 6 years ago by Jean Aertker

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In honor of all Florida Nurse Practitioners, FNPN wants to stop and recognize all who make a difference in someone 's life - we recognize all you do each and every day! This week, Dr. Kathleen Wilson, PHD, ARNP, PNP,  a Nurse Practitioner with Capital Regional Medical Group, in Tallahassee, FL, visited the Governor's office to accept the 2013 NP Week Proclamation celebrating the contributions of the 15,441 NPs in our state. Kathleen is the Florida Nurse Practitioner Network’s (FNPN) Tallahassee Legislative Action Team Liaison.  Below is Kathleel holding Gov. Rick Scott’s 2013 signed NP Week Proclamation. FNPN has received this proclamation every year since 2004 on behalf of NPs in our state. Thanks to Doreen Cassarino, President FNPN, Gail Sadler, FL State Rep and our FNPN lobbyist Allison Carvajal for making this happen. 

Here is Dr. Kathleen Wilson, PNP, ARNP and the NP Week Proclamation for 2013!


Carol Wilson almost 6 years ago

This is wonderful! Thanks for accepting the honors!
Happy ARNP week!

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