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Update from FNPN Conference: Faces of Courage Exhibitor

Posted over 8 years ago by Regina Pommer

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It was great to attend your conference this past weekend. Many of you stopped by our table and commented on the Breast Cancer Photos that were on display and wanted to know more. There are a total of 18 photos of breast cancer survivors showing their scaring. If you would like to see all the photos and read the individual model’s stories you can see them at

We currently are working on a calendar of breast cancer patients who have been body painted. See attached contact sheet. These calendars will make great gifts for the holiday season, so please keep us in mind. That website is

If any of you are interested in having either gallery of photos at your events/hospitals/conferences please let me know. We love to getting them out in the community and educating people from the survivors side of the disease. 

Best wishes and good health,

Peggie D. Sherry


(813) 988-2213 (Fax)


Jean Aertker over 8 years ago

Faces of Courage is a great resource and I am so happy to find out about them. As a BCS myself, I share my journey with colleagues and patients, knowing support comes in many ways. I just donated to this cause, I hope you all will as well. Help them do their work! Jean Aertker

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