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Tampa Bay Area NP Preceptors Urgently Needed!!

Posted about 7 years ago by Jean Aertker

Desperately seeking PRECEPTORS! South University needs 4-5 sites/preceptors for the Adult Clinical rotation for both our Family & Adult NP students starting OCT. 3rd through DEC. 17th. If you are iable and interested and can help our students become expert clinicians, please email or call me, Janet DuBois at 941-302-6001 (cell) or email at jcdubois@southuniversity.edu Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

Note from FNPN:  Dear Colleagues, Preceptorship is one way we can secure our future and build the NP profession. You too have been there and it's an honor to be a role model for an up and coming student. Sure this is a big committment, but who else to do this but you! You can interview the student before agreeing to precept as well to ensure a good match up too! Thanks for being part of the greatest profession!


Ruth Antonowich almost 7 years ago

It isn't only South University that needs preceptors: there are many of us, from all different schools, needing preceptors due to limited resources in rural areas where we live and will practice if we can complete our clinical experience. You are so right, we need to give back so our peers can complete their preparation. I may have to go out of state to complete my practicum. ranton2747@aol.com

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