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Congratulations - Connecticut Wins Full Practice Authority Today!

Posted over 5 years ago by Jean Aertker

When signed, SB 36 will make Connecticut the 18th state plus DC to have Full Practice Authority for NPs, offering patients full and direct access to the quality care NPs provide.The bill now heads to the Governor's desk where it is anticipated to be signed into law. Congratulations CT NPs!

When will Florida laws follow and we be a NP leadership state again? Let's Get to Work! - Everyone! If you have not called, or emailed or made some noise about how out of touch Florida is for creating solutions to our stagnant health care problems, then you must get moving. This is the last week of the session, but know well - Florida elections for all House of Representatives members and many Senators will occur this November. You work hard in your practice for others every day, now work for your profession and yourself to pass HB 7113 in the Senate. Write the Senators today, time is ticking away.


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