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Gail Sadler, MSN, ARNP wins AANP State Representative Post

Posted almost 8 years ago by Jean Aertker

Congratulations to Gail for her successful campaign to serve our state as the new AANP Representative. Gail has been an active member of AANP, FNPN and her local TampaBay NP group since obtaining her NP graduate degree from The University of Tampa. Gail owns her own successful family care practice in Tampa and is a Fellow of the AANP and a Fellow of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. AANP's presence in Florida is strong and this great organization definitely supports our Florida NP efforts to practice as written in the IOM report. Are you a member of AANP? If not, join today..remember you get a $10 discount as FNPN or group member. Join us at the AANP National Convention in June in Orlando!!


Karen Blankenship almost 8 years ago

Congratulations, Gail! So happy to have you as our Florida AANP Representative! You can lead the way!
Let us know any way we can assist you!

Janice T. Hoff almost 8 years ago

Best wishes and congratulations to you as you begin your term as state representative for AANP. I look forward to seeing you at the conference.

Francis Edward Neuzil, Jr. almost 8 years ago

Congratulations. I think you'll be an excellant voice for the rest of us here in Florida at AANP. We wish you the best and dedicate our support behind your efforts. Good Luck and see you at AANP Orlando.

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