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Important Announcement from AANP

Posted almost 8 years ago by Jean Aertker


July 3, 2012

Dear Valued AANP Member: 

The American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) has been in discussions with the American College of Nurse Practitioners (ACNP) regarding the combining of resources and expertise. While there is still much work to be done, resolutions have been passed that will allow the organizations to pursue a formal plan for consolidation. If approved by membership, the plan for consolidation will allow AANP and ACNP to operate as a single organization. 

For many years, AANP and ACNP have worked independently, and on many occasions, in cooperation with each other and other NP organizations, to represent the interests of NPs throughout the country. With health care at the top of the national agenda and NPs being a vital part of the solution to the health care crisis facing our country today, the AANP and ACNP Board of Directors recognize that much can be accomplished by joining forces to accomplish our collective objectives. 

We expect to pursue due diligence activities in the coming months. If successful, we hope to enter into a binding agreement for the legal consolidation of AANP and ACNP sometime in late November 2012. 

We are very excited about the opportunities that will be created by combining our efforts and expertise in order to more comprehensively serve our members and the NP community. 

We appreciate your support and dedication to AANP and look forward to providing you with more details regarding the plan for consolidation as they are confirmed. 

Angela Golden, DNP, FNP, FAANP 
President of the Board of Directors 
American Academy of Nurse Practitioners








AANP Membership
Q&As Relating to Announcement regarding 
      Potential Consolidation between AANP and ACNP    

  • Why is the merger or consolidation taking place?

Both organizations believe that speaking with one voice will advance the interests of the NP community, provide economies of scale by combining expertise and resources,  and help to eliminate confusion over which organization NPs should join.  


  • What will the consolidation mean to AANP members?

The alignment of AANP and ACNP will enhance the ability for nurse practitioners to speak with one collective voice, thereby increasing visibility among key stakeholders and elected officials.  Combining strengths will provide greater opportunities and additional resources for AANP members and the NP community. 


  • Will my dues increase?  

Membership dues for existing categories are not expected to increase in 2013.  However, membership types and benefits will be reviewed and new categories of membership, or additional membership offerings, may be introduced. 


  • Will ACNP become part of AANP?   

The proposed transaction will involve using AANP’s existing corporate structure as a foundation for combining the best of both organizations under one name, which has yet to be determined. 


  • Does this end the CEO search?  Who will be the CEO? 

 It is anticipated that Dave Hebert the current CEO of ACNP, will become CEO following consummation of the transaction. Dave has extensive legislative and regulatory experience dealing with health care issues, and was twice named by Roll Call to its list of “Fabulous 50 Movers & Shakers Behind the Scenes on Capitol Hill.”  Prior to his work on Capitol Hill, Mr. Hebert directed the Washington government affairs office of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA).  He also served as an Adjunct Professor in the Liberal Studies Program at Georgetown University. 


Mr. Hebert received his juris doctorate from Pepperdine University in 1982, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Oregon. 


  • Who will be president of the new association?  

Dr. Angela Golden will remain President of the Board of Directors for the entirety of her existing term and in accordance with current AANP Bylaw requirements.   Subject to membership approval of the Bylaw changes required to complete the transaction, Dr. Ken Miller, the ACNP President-elect, would become the President-elect of the consolidated organization, succeeding to office of President following the completion of Dr. Golden’s term.


  • What will be the name of the new association?

The next few months will involve due diligence activities where leaders from both AANP and ACNP will discuss branding and other details to ensure that the combined organization reflects strength and solidarity of purpose.  This process will likely result in a new name for the combined organization, but those details have not yet been decided.


  • Will the Boards of ACNP and AANP merge?

No, although a newly formed Board will include representatives from both AANP and ACNP.


  • Will there still be a national conference in Las Vegas next year?

Yes!  The 2013 Conference Committee is already hard at work to ensure the biggest and best conference EVER!


  • Will I still have access to the CE Center?

Yes!  With more than 85 free continuing education activities for members, the AANP CE Center will continue to be the place to fulfill your CE needs. Recently updated with new activities and a new look, you can browse the CE Center by program area or search for exactly what you need in the complete list of offerings.


  • What are the next steps? 

The next steps involve due diligence activities that are expected to take several months to complete.  Subject to the successful outcome of this process and membership approval of any Bylaw amendments required to complete the proposed transaction, the consolidation of AANP and ACNP should be finalized prior to year end 2012.    In the interim, activities in areas such as advocacy, education, and membership support will continue, and AANP support of important initiatives—such as our Public Awareness Campaign, Joining Forces and Million Hearts —will remain uninterrupted. 


We will keep you informed as the processes related to this proposed transaction continue.  In the interim, AANP appreciates the continuing support and involvement of each member as we continue to serve our membership and the NP community.

P.O.Box 12846
Austin, TX 78711


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