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Independent Practice Study - We hope all will participate!

Posted over 7 years ago by Jean Aertker

Dear Colleagues:

You are invited to participate in a research study conducted by Drs. Jean Aertker, Janet DuBois, and Roger Green. The title of study is: Independent Practice: The Final Frontier. The purpose is to decribe characteristics and barriers of nurse practitioners involved in Independent Practice (IP). You have to be a business owner/partner/self-employed/contractor to complete this study! Your input is essential! Please click here to join in and fill in the survey. The more information we have about NP practice the more impact we will have in the future. THANKS for your help!


Becky Dorris over 7 years ago

When I tried to complete this survey it takes me to a place advertising programs and ging back to school. I'm happy to coomplete a survey, but this keeps taking me elsewhere.

Jean Aertker over 7 years ago

We will have webmaster check the link, thanks for the heads up. Jean

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