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FNPN Endorses Kim J. Kendall for State Representative District 17 - St. Johns County

Posted over 7 years ago by Jean Aertker

Dear Colleagues:

Calling all ARNPs in St Johns county to vote in the August 14th Republican Primary for Kim Kendall.

This is a difficult race and she has two opponents. The incumbent is well funded "Doc" Renuart, DO. For years our attempts to move cost saving, vital health care bills in the legistaure fell on deaf ears. Kim's grassroots campaign is vital to making the right change and we need all ARNPs, nurses, family, and friends to get out to vote. Remember, early voting is great too,  so you won't miss the voting polls on the 14th due to those unexpected late hours at your practice caring for patients.

Why Kim? Because she gets it! She has the vision and desire to move Florida forward and not be tied to the old politcal ways. She sees the value ARNPs can bring to our state if only the legislature would act on the TWO state funded studies that support ARNP care for Florida. New Florida and national studies also show the real cost savings if NPs were not restricted by outdated laws and able to practice to their full scope as in 48 other states. Kim is fair, energetic and willing to look at both sides of the issues, but more importantly she is not tied to special interests. She's passionate and sharp, someone we need for our state. We need your help to see Kim as the next State Repsentative in the Florida House! 


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