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Guess who's turning 50??!!

Posted about 5 years ago by Jean Aertker

Our profession that's who!  Co-founded by Dr. Loretta Ford and Dr Henry Silver in 1965, the NP profession is turning "50 in 2015". We are going to really Celebrate! It's going to be Golden! We will be posting "50" HISTORICAL EVENTS, PRESENTATIONS OR ARTICLES tracing our history. This is #1! NP's have done so much for healthcare in Florida, so we want to share our history as we prepare for our huge Florida celebration, which is in the works for our members only! If you are not a member, now is the time to consider membership in FNPN, its a Golden opportunity!

Our colleague and friend, Mimi Secor recently intereviewed Dr. Ford on her radio program, REACH MD. If you did not see it, here is the link! Dr. Ford Interview.

Nurse Practitioners were first introduced into healthcare systems in 1965 by Loretta C Ford, and since that time the role has expanded to include over 189,000 NP's (ed correction -over 191K!) in practice today. Joining host Mimi Secor to review the first half-century of the Nurse Practitioner profession and its ongoing priorities and challenges is the founder of the NP movement herself, Dr. Loretta Ford. Dr. Ford is past Dean and Professor Emerita at the University of Rochester School of Nursing, and is an internationally known leader in the nursing field.    

Since 2007, ReachMD, a revolutionary healthcare communications and education network has been dedicated to helping busy healthcare professionals stay abreast of clinical research, treatment advances, expert opinions, and patient care strategies. Our unique, integrated network leverages peer-to-peer dialogs among medical experts to educate and inform listeners across a wide spectrum of topics. Mimi has been a radio host intereviewing NPs and other profesionals with reach MD since 2010, Great job Mimi!

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Claudia Hauri about 5 years ago

Thanks Jean for taking the lead and getting the news out about the Golden years celebration. Loretta is thrilled and looks forward to celebrating with numerous colleagues. Keep us posted and keep me on your call list for anything to do that I can possibly do........C

Kathleen Kleinert about 5 years ago

Loretta Ford was our Dean when I attended the University of Rochester Medical Nurse Practitioner Program in the mid 1970s. What a wonderful program!! The collegiality between MD and NP faculty in the clinic and the classroom was an inspiration and set the bar for my future expectations in practice.Dr Ford has been a great leader in our profession and deserving of every accolade we can offer..

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