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Florida Chamber of Commerce supports Nurse Practitioners

Posted almost 5 years ago by Jean Aertker

On Wednesday 1/14/15, the Florida Chamber of Commerce  announced their "Smarter Healthcare Coverage in Florida" plan that is a seven-point healthcare plan solution that "calls for bending the cost curve for Florida's families and job creators by eliminating the $1.4 billion in hidden healthcare taxes." In this plan they support NPs.

..." And to ensure the health-care system has the capacity to treat an increased number of Floridians, the Chamber supports allowing nurse practitioners and physician assistants to "practice to their fullest potential."

We applaud the Chamber for bringing this insightful plan forward aimed at reducing or eliminating three "major cost drivers" in our health-care system: workers compensation, lawsuit abuse and fraud. Share this with your local legislator, it's time they hear from the business voice in our state too! 


Jean Aertker over 4 years ago

View the details of the plan at this website: http://www.floridachamber.com/HealthCareSolutions

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