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Florida Advanced Practice Nurses Coalition Welcomes New Co-Chair

Posted about 7 years ago by Jean Aertker

Welcome and congratulations to Bonnie Sklaren, ARNP for assuming the role of Co-Chair in the Coaltion. Bonnie is a long time activist and advocate of ARNPs representing FNA in this leadership position. A big thanks to Dr. Chris Salso for his years of service and dedication as co-chair. Bonnie joins Gwenn Randall, CRNA  (FANA) who continues as co-chair.  

The Coalition is the United Voice of all Nurse Practitioners in Florida representing the four main Advanced Practice Nursing Membership Organizations: FNPN, FNA, CRNA's and CNM's. While each group has its own special needs and interests, the Coalition works to unify the needs and interest of all Advanced Practice issues. Together we can accompish much more!

The Coaltion meets quarterly and all who hold interest in the future of NP practice in Florida are welcome to attend. If you need more information or wish to sign on to the listserve, do visit their website for meeting information, new articles and contacts to assist you. www.flcapn.org

Mark this website to your ENP groups you select on your membership for easy access.


Eileen Ginsburg almost 7 years ago

Congratultions Bonnie!!! Eileen Ginsburg

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